kind of a secret

So this morning when I was helping Diego dry off after his bath, he showed me his ribcage and pointed out that his left side sticks out a little bit more than the right and there is a bump there too. I assured him it was okay, and told him that the bones were like that because they had to cut the ribcage to remove the big tumor. We looked at the scars on his abdomen, I said, “Here is where they made the incision.” He pointed out the crossing of the two large scars and said, “Here is where they made another incision.” Then I said, “Actually the first incision is from where they tried to take out the tumor the first time, when it was about the size of an eggplant. But they couldn’t, it was too sticky. So then they decided to start chemo, and then radiation. But then the tumor still kept growing, and you got very sick and we were very worried. So then the had a second operation to remove the tumor, which was now football sized, and they made two big cuts to get it out.” I held up my hands showing him the size of an eggplant and a football, his eyes got big and he giggled at the idea of having such a big belly.

Then I asked, “Diego, have you told any of your friends about the tumor?”

“No. It’s kind of a secret.”

Why I asked. He was silent.

“Because you just want to be like everybody else?”


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