full circle


Nearly two an a half years ago, we were signed with a realtor and weeks away from putting our house on the market. Then, the Friday before we were going to pack up, I found the lump, and our lives were turned upside down.

About two months ago, we made the decision to take the plunge and started packing up once again. We’ve already moved into a temporary apartment while the home is painted, staged, and readied for sale. The open house is scheduled for September 9th.

It’s the end of an era, in many ways. Even though Diego has been off treatment nearly 2 years now, we still had much of his cancer “accessories” taking up space in our home. So I packed up the excess saline syringes, caps, swabs, tube feeding formula and dropped it off at the clinic, along with some magazines to replace the 10-year old Oprah’s they have on display. Then we took all the half empty medication bottles and sharps to the hazardous waste dump. All of the chemo treatment calendars and “When Your Child has Cancer” booklets went into the recycling bin.

It felt sort of weird.

I think part of me was keeping things “just in case” – perhaps as a preventative measure, perhaps superstition, but at this point there was no reason to hold on to the stuff anymore.

Diego is due for an ultrasound and x-ray September 2nd rather than the CT scan. He will start kindergarten on Monday. Then on November 2nd he will hit 2 years off treatment, a big milestone.

So many things are changing right now, it’s pretty mind blowing. But both boys are doing great with it all. Diego is even getting excited about house hunting. I was just thinking a few weeks ago that I felt that Diego has fully recovered emotionally from his cancer treatment. No more fear, no more dark moods. I’m so proud of him. Well, he perhaps does still scare easier than most kids his age, but he is a confident, outgoing, goofy, and super bright little boy. Honestly, you would never know what this kid went through. Did I mention he is a total ham? He will be the class clown for sure.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at our old house. I think I’m going to blow it up and frame it, or at least keep a copy on our fridge. It’s definitely been hard for me to say goodbye to the house and the neighborhood. I think I will miss my decade old succulent garden the most, but I know we can start over.

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