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Diego’s checkup with Dr. Sharma was last week. Since we already got the scan results, it was nice to be sitting in the waiting area not worrying this time.

So more good news- the new followup protocol for Stage III Wilms tumor is to alternate an ultrasound- chest x-ray combo with CAT scans. This means less radiation for Diego (and me, since I’m always in there with him), and less drama (no crying, no IV, no vomiting all over his clothes). Since Diego had the MRI last time that means in September he will have an ultrasound instead. This is what I call progress!

These pictures are ones I’ve snapped from the clinic during Diego’s appointments. The first is from August 2010, next from April 2011, then February 2012 and finally June 2012.

NED at 19 months OT



I got the call just minutes ago after a tense morning of waiting. With Diego’s doctor out this week, a phone appointment was scheduled this morning at 10 so I could get the results of the scan. But, due to a scheduling mix up the call did not come for almost another 2 hours. He had an MRI this time to take a look at the abdomen to visualize whether there has been any nerve damage from the surgeries. I’m not sure what the results are there, but I should get a call from Diego’s doctor later on. Anyway, this news was the big stuff we were waiting for the other is comparatively small stuff. So hooray for good news!