Monthly Archives: May 2012

18 months OT


We passed DIego’s 18 month off treatment without notice last week, and I think that’ s a good thing.

Sometime next week, I’m expecting the calls from Radiology and Pedi Oncology to schedule his next scan and checkup, and I guess that’s good too. (As much as I would love to be finished with this stuff.)

Often I stop and just savor how nice it is to be a normal family again. Sometimes, it’s true, I even might forget (just momentarily) about what Diego went through.

And then something like this comes up: the Kindergarten registration form.

I had no idea they needed medical history, but there you go. I was planning on talking with the school, but it felt weird to just sum it up on a little form like that. I actually also expected they would have cancer in the serious disease area of the form, but they did not. Again, a reminder for me that outside of the pediatric cancer community, this is a freakishly weird thing. So I, like any social media addict, took a picture of it and put it on Instagram, sort of chuckling at how ‘hardcore’ my little boy is. I didn’t get much of a reaction, and I sort of realized, okay this totally weirds people out. Freaks them the heck out– makes their nerves get all bejangly and their palms sweaty. Maybe this is just too heavy.

So I took down the image.

I’m not sure if I expected people of find the humor in this or what but it was this weird little moment that I felt like sharing. So I guess I’ll share it here. Kids cancer humor doesn’t have an especially huge fan base, but you’re laughing now–or at least have a smile on your face, don’t you?