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NED: No Evidence of Disease

Hooray for great news- Diego has hit the 1 year milestone!

We had to wait half an hour in the lobby for the scan results/checkup, and I was getting very nervous. Then Mateo started having a full on 2-year-old tantrum, so I was feeling quite taxed by the time Diego was seen. But in the end- hooray the news was great! The iffy ‘post operative change’ area was not even noted in the report, so I guess this was an awesome day!

The next scan will be in 3 months. I guess they still feel they need to keep a closer eye on him with his odd case history. Eventually it will go down to 6 months, and then to every year. I had thought to ask if his odds were better after reaching this milestone, but I realized with his less-than-casebook history it wouldn’t really mean anything anyway. He’s doing great and that’s all I need to focus on for now.

Isn’t this picture great? It’s a sibling portrait they did at the preschool. I’ve never been crazy about traditional school portraits but, well, just look at those little boys~