Monthly Archives: August 2011

9 months OT


At 4.5, Diego has quite the medical rap sheet, and as of today we have something more to add to the list: pneumonia. You heard that right, pneumonia.

But please don’t worry, he’s feeling quite well. You would never know it.

Everything was peachy at his 9 month checkup with Dr. Sharma. As I said he was feeling quite well so I was surprised to hear he was running a fever of 100.2. Yes, he had a cough but had a little cold, so it wasn’t a concern. Dr. Sharma ran some labs, and apparently he was showing signs his body was working really hard to fight off infection.

I was at our annual block party with the family when i got the call that tonight’s x-rays revealed pneumonia. Seriously, I asked? He’s running around like a normal kid right now, chowing down on cookies as we speak. Yes, seriously, she answered.

So he’s on antibiotics again, poor kid. I was thinking later this evening that if this is how kids get pneumonia, then no wonder we saw so many kids in the hospital with severe cases. You would never know, unless it gets really bad.

The doctors appointment went well. Diego has grown one half inch and gained one pound in the past 3 months. Sadly, he hasn’t caught up to where he was pre-cancer. His appetite is much better, so I was really hopeful that he would at least make it to 40 inches, but he’s still falling short.

As far as I can tell, it seems that the fluid is not so much to worry about. The mass has shrunk, I’ve asked them to figure out by how much. Dr. Sharma said she was really encouraged by the scan. There were also no adverse effects on his body from treatment or radiation as revealed by the CT. All very encouraging.

Anyway, good news is good news. I’ll do my best shelve my worry for another 3 months.