Monthly Archives: June 2011

7 months OT


May 2nd marked Diego’s seventh month off treatment! Things are going really well, if not 100% uneventful.

Diego has been cranky and has had circles under his eyes, which has had me concerned. So when his primary care doctor recommended an ultrasound of his bladder because he had some incontinence issues, I asked if they could also check his kidney bed. I was nervous. And when I saw the technician measuring a mass that was 2.5 centimeters I was more than a bit concerned. Of course, the technicians never tell you anything and I was told we would get a call from the doctor in the afternoon.

I couldn’t wait for the call, but I did wait until the afternoon to give the oncology office a call, telling them I was worried about the mass. I got a call back within about half an hour. The mass, apparently, was there on the last CT scan. They had not identified it as a tumor but a “post operative change”. Yes, they had told me about it before, the nurse explaining that it was possibly a hematoma (dried blood, as I understand it). I was not told about the size on the CT, but it apparently had not changed in size since then. The oncologist assured me that sometimes these things take a long time to diminish. I asked her, “So I don’t need to worry?” She replied, “Well, this is good news. We are going to continue with the monitoring.” Damn, I hate it how oncologists never tell you not to worry….

Anyway, I am not worrying. There are many, many reasons to be hopeful. He is starting to grow and gain weight. Thirty two pounds and thirty nine inches now! His appetite is improving, and most of all he has tons of energy. In fact, we are really having a difficult time putting him to sleep at night, like we did before the cancer. He just has so much energy, and has a really hard time winding down. It’s a 2 hour dance every night trying to get him to bed. Nightmarish for us, and we’re working on it, but I can only see that as a good sign. So I’m feeling now that the dark circles and crankiness is really more about a sleep deficit than something more ominous.
Next week our family is going on our first vacation in about 3 years, a week or so at the beach. These are rich times and happy times, and most of the time things are feeling quite normal.