two for one


Diego seems to be doing really well the morning after surgery. Right now he is quietly watching Mr. Rodgers on TV. He seems at peace.

When I came to him last night in the recovery room he was just starting to wake up. It took a while to dial in the pain meds, but they got him there soon enough. He was clutching his surgical nasal-gastric tube the entire time. The surgeon had talked about replacing his NG feeding tube with a surgical one earlier that day and Diego was panicked about it being taken out. He was still on guard, eight hours later.

The anesthesiologist was there so I spoke with him. Diego had not one, but two bands (adhesions) creating the obstruction. Wow, I said, is that rare? He told me not really, they had expected to see many more. Later the surgeon said that there would have been no way for the obstruction to resolve on it on its own, so we made the right decision. When I spoke with the surgeon this morning he told me that he didn’t necessarily think Diego was now at higher risk (higher than 30%) for more obstructions.

Erich and Mateo got here just a few minutes ago. We’re looking forward to some family time.

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