no easy decision

The surgeon and team are recommending surgery, and we are going with their recommendation. Not an easy decision, so say the least, but given our parameters I think it’s the best one.

The surgeon felt that it might be possible that this could resolve on its own (again), but feels it’s likely we would be in the same boat in not too much time. From my observations, Diego has shown a few signs of improvement, but overall is doing worse and had excruciating pain last night. I think that the possibility that it will get even worse is far more likely than the possibility that he will get better. Additionally, if we waited over the weekend and something happened, the pediatric surgeons would not be on staff. And if we waited and some of his bowel were damaged and had to be resected he would be much more prone to further complications. So that’s it.

Surgery is scheduled for 5pm tonight.

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